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​The Phoenix Personal Trainer LLC offers a variety of options to help you reach your lifestyle and fitness goals. Our first option is a standard one-on-one training session where I, Noel Wilson III, will work with you in person to tailor an exercise program to meet your needs and achieve your goals. The second is our premium online monthly program subscriptions for building muscle or burning off fat. The third is our highly reputable group fitness class, STRONG by Zumba. This is a high intensity interval training exercise that matches beats of the music to the repetitions of exercise. STRONG by Zumba is key for raising stamina levels and offers a unique afterburn effect to burn calories up to two days after the exercise. Join us and become a CHAMPION in your life too.
​Our one-on-one training session is designed to allow a client to work with a certified fitness professional in order to safely and effectively reach his/her goals and expectations. As a fitness professional, the trainer will adhere to all standards of professionalism as set forth by his/her certifying agency. 

Our fitness professionals are well-educated in working with a broad range of clients both healthy and injured. All workouts are systematically designed and tailored to the client’s specific needs and goals.

Clients also have the choice between single session, 5 session, or 10 session workout packages.

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Online Workout Programs
We offer multiple workout packages that are available for anyone to sign up for. All programs include pictures and access to videos for instructional cues on how to perform each exercise properly.

Our online programs are adjusted to achieve your goals whether you are looking for a change of pace from your normal routine or training for a specific sporting event.

We also provide programs that are specific to Obstacle Course Races (OCR) as well. OCR races focus more on conquering specific obstacles. The programs that we offer for OCR will challenge your balance and stability as well as push the boundaries of your stamina and muscular endurance. 
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5 Pillars of Fit Bootcamp
Endurance- Pushing our muscles to perform longer without fatigue by making our metabolism more efficient at removing lactic acid from the body.

Cardiovascular- Optimizing our red blood cell's oxygen carrying capacity which helps fight hypertension, improves cholesterol levels and decreases the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Flexibility- Improves the range of motion in our joints and mitigates the risk of joint injuries.

Power- The ability of our muscles to perform fast, explosive movements.

Strength- The weight lifting capacity of our muscles.
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